Top 15 Wind Energy Companies Around The World

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy industries in the world. It is available in abundance and a great alternative to fossil fuels, which have high carbon dioxide emissions.

A recent report published by Report Linker cited increased market size of wind energy use from $24 billion in 2006 to $100+ billion in 2016. This is attributed to a boost in investment and more installations led by countries like China, US, UK, India and France.

In this post, we take a look at some of the companies that have been at the forefront of the industry. They account for more than 70% of the world’s wind installations each year, and their dominance is expected to continue for the next 10 years.

1. Vestas

This Denmark-based company is the largest wind turbine manufacturer, with a market share of 16%. Founded in 1898, it is credited with more than 60,000 installations across 75+ countries. These have a joint capacity of 83 GW. Vestas has manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

2. GoldWind

GoldWind is a Chinese-based wind turbine supplier that continues to leave a mark on the industry. With China being the world’s largest wind energy market, GoldWind has certainly benefitted from the increased demand.

It is the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the country. In 2017, the company installed 41 GW turbines in more than 20 countries.

3. Siemens Gamesa

The merger of Siemens and Gamesa in early 2017 created a giant wind energy company that dominates Asia and Europe. It is credited with installation of 75 GW turbines across 90+ countries and more than 25000 employees. 

Its improved position in the United States along with strong position in the offshore sector has contributed to the company’s success since the merger.

4. GE Renewable

Based in the US, GE Renewable boasts a strong pull in the domestic market and solid progress in the western market. It has installed more than 25,000 turbines with capacities ranging from 1.7 MW to 12 MW.

5. Envision Energy

This is another China-based company that offers more than wind turbines. It also provides energy technology services and energy management software. It is credited with installation of 2400 turbines around the world. Its energy management software is used in 6000+ turbines in North & Latin America, Asia and Europe.

6. Enercon

Based in Germany, Enercon is the leading wind turbine manufacturer domestically. It is also one of the largest turbine suppliers in the world. Its extensive portfolio includes 6.5 GW capacity and 22,000 installations in 30+ countries.

7. MingYang

This is one of the largest turbine manufacturers in China, and their aggregate installation capacity accounts for 5.5% of the country’s installed capacity. MingYang began turbine production in 2007 and offers 2.75 MW to 12 MW turbines.

8. Nordex Acciona

Nordex Group is a European company that designs, manufactures and sells turbines internationally. Founded in Denmark in 1985, the company has production plants in Rostock and China.

Management is based in Hamburg (Germany) and the headquarters in Rostock (Germany). It became the first company to produce a 1 MW turbine in 1995. Nordex Acciona has more than 5000 employees and is credited with 21+ GW installed capacity.

9. United Power

This is a subsidiary of the China Guodian Corporation and is ranked among the top 5 turbine manufacturers domestically. In 2016, it installed 2.13 GW of new capacity and has a global market share of 3.8%. Its sales are concentrated on a 1.5 MW turbine that was designed by its partner, Aerodyn Engineering. The company also offers 2 MW and 3 MW turbines.

10. SE Wind

Founded in 2006 in Shenghai, SE Wind has grown to become one of the most prominent turbine manufacturers in the world. Their turbines are rated from 1.25 MW to 8 MW. SE Wind also offers offshore and onshore turbine installation services around the world.

11. Suzlon

Suzlon is the leading turbine manufacturer in India. Its historic record and future promise of the domestic market is why the company makes it to this list. In 2016, Suzlon installed 1.15 GW. It has a cumulative capacity of 16.8 GW, and has installed turbines in North America, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

12. Senvion

This company was originally under the wing of Suzlon. Today, Senvion is owned by a US private investment firm and is based in Germany. It has been operational for more than 25 years and boasts over 7800 turbine installations around the world. It is one of the largest wind turbine manufactures globally, offering both inshore and offshore turbines.

13. Windey

Established in 1972, Windey was the first company to manufacture turbines in China. For more than 40 years, the company has proven a leader and specialist in wind technologies.

Windey also provides technical consultancy, wind farm planning and construction. It has more than 1200 employees, among them a team of 500 research, engineering and technical experts.

14. CSIC Haizhuang

This is a Chinese based company that offers onshore and offshore turbines around the world. Considered a Fortune 500 company, CSIC is the first company to offer the complete supply chain in the wind energy sector in China.

This includes components manufacturing, offshore wind project construction and installation, wind turbine R&D and manufacturing as well as offshore transmission line installation.

15. XEMC

Concluding our list is XEMC, a Dutch-based turbine manufacturer established in 2009. It offers direct drive turbines in the mega-watt range. It is a subsidiary of XEMC WindPower Co. ltd, which is based in China.

In addition to manufacturing wind turbines, XEMC installs turbines and promotes wind as a sustainable source of energy. All of their turbines are based on permanent magnet direct drive technology.


The popularity of wind as a sustainable source of energy continues to increase, and the above 15 suppliers are expected to strengthen their dominance in the industry. They’ll invest in product innovation, management software, efficiency etc.

The demand for high capacity turbines is expected to increase for the next decade and such, the future of the above companies looks promising with strong growth opportunities.

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