RV Wind Turbine: Can It Really Power Your Vehicle?

It is true that adventure-seekers travelling in RVs can generate their own power using renewable sources of energy like solar and wind.

Solar is not always dependable, especially on cloudy and rainy days, and this limits electricity generation. This is where wind comes in. It is a reliable source of power that can be harnessed to compliment solar energy.

RV wind turbines are affordable and compliment solar electricity generation at higher rates than other alternatives.

What Exactly is a Wind Turbine?

A wind turbine a miniature wind turbine that looks a lot like the ones found on farms. The only difference between the two is size. While RV wind turbines don’t produce as much electricity than regular ones, they generate enough to keep batteries charged and run your camper. All you need to do is mount the turbine on the RV ladder or roof.

Advantages of RV Wind Turbines

One of the biggest benefits offered by RV wind turbines is cost effectiveness. Using a turbine costs less than 5 cents per kWh, which is nearly half the cost of solar energy. The cost of initial investment and installation is considerably lower than that of equivalent power solar panels.

Because they are a renewable source of power, RV turbines don’t cause any environmental harm. They don’t rely on a power grid or deplete an energy source either. The ability to provide actual power to your RV is a real asset, especially if you are going off the grid or there is a disaster that causes power outage.

Wind power is incredibly efficient on rainy and sunny days, thus offering RV travelers the best of both worlds. It compliments solar energy, and ensures the camper is powered when the weather is cloudy and rainy.

Disadvantages of RV Wind Turbines

Some of the downsides associated with RV turbines include:

  • Turbines can be damaged during lightning storms
  • They need wind to generate electricity, and this may not always be available
  • Turbines may only generate 30% of the required electricity if the conditions aren’t very reliable
  • Turbines can be noisy and create a lot of vibration

How Much Wind is Enough?

If the goal is to truly go off the grid, determining whether the destination supplies enough winds is a top priority. Are the wind speeds high enough to generate enough electricity for your needs? Is the wind available consistently?

Unlike solar panels, turbines are incredibly unique in that wind speed and power output aren’t linear. If the speed of wind doubles, electricity production increases by eight times. That said, RV turbines cannot produce enough electricity to power your camper on their own. You need to install solar panels as well.

Compatibility with Solar Panels


Another important factor to consider before investing in RV turbines is their compatibility with solar panels. Some wind generators are not compatible with solar panels. Before making any purchases, it is important to ensure that you can set it up along with your RV’s solar panel setup.


Turbines can power RV campers, but not on their own. They need to be used alongside solar panels for efficient power production. The two sources of renewable energy complement each other, and ensure that you never have to worry about power shortages.

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Steven Phelps - March 26, 2020

In all the articles I have read thus far, all wind turbine adaptations are geared to the RV sitting still. I have yet to see an adaptation of using the most obvious wind source, the moving vehicle to charge the batteries for use when the vehicle is sitting still!
Now certainly having a 3/5/7 blade turbine 6 ft in diameter spinning at breakneck speeds mounted somewhere on a moving vehicle leaves images in one’s mind of Wiley Coyote, but I have to believe that other, better alternatives are available. One example might be a jet engine housing, small in size, without the combustion chamber. The focused turning of the turbine could produce energy, at least in my mind, sufficient to charge a battery bank for consumption by the occupants of the vehicle.

Boyd Matthews - October 13, 2020

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