Jobs in Wind Energy

These days, jobs in the field of wind energy are abundant.  New wind turbines are being constructed every day at wind farms all over the country, and the technicians needed to support these machines are in short supply.  Often, graduates of the top wind turbine technician programs have multiple job offers by the time the graduate.  This is an excellent position to be in.  In addition, there is no reason this trend of rapid growth should not continue.  The United States Department of Energy has the stated goal of 20% of the nations’ power to come from wind energy by the year 2030 (  This growth means long-term job security for just about every type of career in wind energy, including wind turbine technician jobs.

These jobs are not just in one part of the country either.  They are centered in the Midwest portion of the United States, but there are also many jobs along the West Coast in California, Oregon and Washington.  Many people would also be surprised to know that states like New York also have a large number of wind turbines, all of which need workers to maintain and repair them.  But why stop there?  Wind energy is also booming in parts of Europe.  Always wanted to travel?  Take a short-term contract in Germany, or even make the move permanently.  There are so many possibilities in the wind energy industry.  For someone with the right skill set and training, the opportunities are almost endless.


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  1. I was curious about the production tax credit….I want to break into the wind industry as a technician and eventually get into safety training…but I am curious how the Production Tax Credit would affect someone like myself who is looking to go get my certifications from an accredited wind school like airstreams renewables.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has an excellent fact sheet on the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit. The tax credits provided by this law are set to expire at the end of 2012 for wind energy, but it is possible the credits could be extended before then. If they are not extended, it will have a negative effect, as you can imagine. The AWEA also has a document that outlines the impact of the tax credit expiring here. Obviously this is a very important issue for everyone in the wind industry that needs to be resolved soon!

      1. how does the removal of wind enrgey effect the natural world? this harvesting wind removes the enrgey needed to distribute seeds, chemical signals to which migratory birds navigate plus many more un-researched reactions. wind generated power is very usable, but only to compliment a whole consortium of other green’ methods. As the consequences of the removal of wind enrgey has need been proper studied, the effects may also be biologically damaging. Nuclear fuels are the least damaging and most safe, but the use of many environmentally sustainable’ methods would also benefit. NB. James Lovelock recent book The revenge of Gaia, has a brilliant description on the problems and misguided opinions on nuclear power against green solutions, good book.

  2. Trying to get a job as a wind tech in Washington St. And could use some help will have associate’s degree end of this year

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