Great Wind Energy Infographics From the Department of Energy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love statistics.  Statistics are cold, hard, empirical facts that cannot be disputed.  Debates and discussions begin with opinions, but are settled with facts.  It is even better when  statistics are compiled and presented in a way that make them easy to understand and get a point across quickly.  This makes statistics more accessible to those of us who are, let’s say….less mathematically inclined.  Recently the United States Department of Energy created a suite of graphics that very quickly and succinctly outline the current state of the wind energy industry in America.  Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

These pictures sum up the rising impact wind energy is having on the United States.  Not only as an energy source and policy, but also from the standpoint of job creation, which is much needed in today’s economy.   If you are in need of a career change, why not consider getting into this growing industry.  Wind turbine technician jobs are continuing to be created as more and more wind turbines are manufactured and installed around the country.  These jobs require only a small amount of training, and the salary is much higher than the national average income.  If you are stuck in a dead-end job, sick of your current career path, or just getting started, come join us!

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