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Free Gearbox Webinar: Don’t blame factory defects for failures; with Danish Wind Power Academy

When wind turbine gearbox fails, are manufacturers really the ones to blame?

In New Energy Update’s next free webinar, they’ll show the critical mistakes many owners are still making in gearbox maintenance and how this is leading, still, to excessive costs and performance pressures.

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Date: December 12, 2017
Time: 10:00am Central US 

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New Energy Update will be joined by key gearbox specialist Carsten Andersen, CEO, Danish Wind Power Academy, along with key clients and end-users to discuss:

  • Which poor O&M practices you and your teams are likely to be using and what strategies they should be using instead to maximize reliability
  • What essential insights North American wind operators, OEMs and ISPs can learn from long-term data and maintenance insights from across the European market
  • Why you should be looking to take advantage of the latest gearbox operating best practices to gain even higher AEP and portfolio revenues from extended gearbox lives right across all your assets

This webinar has been created to provide an invaluable resource to all O&M Managers, Plant/Site Managers and Techniciansjoin the webinar here now

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If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate the contact the webinar organizer directly using the details below.

Kerr Jeferies | | +44 (0) 207 375 7565

Spain Sets Wind Energy Record

800px-Spain-by-plane-10Spain’s wind energy industry announced last month that they have set an important record.  For the first time in the country’s history, electricity generated from wind turbines exceeded that of solar, coal, and nuclear sources.  This is an unprecedented event for the Iberian country, which features a scenic southern land that is famous for sunny days, clear skies and yes, steady wind.

Gone are the days of Don Quixote and the famous windmills of southern Spain.  These days, wind turbines churn across the Spanish landscape, especially during the winter months.  From November of 2012 through January of 2013, these turbines were responsible for 26 percent of the countries’ electricity – enough to power every household in Spain.  Also worth noting is this: over this same 100 day period, this energy has replaced the equivalent of 31 million barrels of oil.

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Great Wind Energy Infographics From the Department of Energy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love statistics.  Statistics are cold, hard, empirical facts that cannot be disputed.  Debates and discussions begin with opinions, but are settled with facts.  It is even better when  statistics are compiled and presented in a way that make them easy to understand and get a point across quickly.  This makes statistics more accessible to those of us who are, let’s say….less mathematically inclined.  Recently the United States Department of Energy created a suite of graphics that very quickly and succinctly outline the current state of the wind energy industry in America.  Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

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